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JSI Growth System

JSI Growth System

The JSI Growth Coaches are experts in guiding you to the right strategies, right tactics, right rituals, and help you build the right kind of belief system – depending on where you are right now, and where you want to get.


Business Concept

Designing a profitable business concept, scalable model, and assets that increase the value of your company

Business Systems

Engineering systems and automation for client acquisition, building the scalable infrastructure and developing a world-class team

Visibility & Positioning

Getting visibility in the marketplace, designing the right positioning and authority, and establishing strategic partnerships



Concept that sells

Every business needs to have a great offer. This is a combination of identifying what you want, what your unique skill set is, what kind of business you want to grow and why, who your buyer is, what they want, why they want it, and how your company can take them to their dream results faster and safer. Go from uncertainty to a solid concept & offer that attracts your dream clients.

Client acquisition system

Sales & marketing are the key functions in any business and the first system we implement. This includes the implementation of the 7 steps JSI Social Selling System, tools and automation that a modern business needs. Go from doing all kinds of things to a system that brings you leads, prospects and clients every day.

Content creation

Once you nail your area of expertise and understand why your company exists, it becomes your new normal to talk about how you can help people in your industry. It’s time we put together a solid system for distributing your knowledge and skills, showing to the world why your services and products are needed, position you as the leading expert in your industry. Go from unstructured and unfocused to a clear plan increasing your visibility and authority.

Scalable business model

Most service providers hit the capacity ceiling at some point, and don’t know how to continue growing and scaling from there. We have created a specific structure for scaling a service-based business by building assets and infrastructure that are aligned with your market, ambitions, and intentions. Some of our methods for scaling are:

  • Designing a 1:many business model
  • Designing a many:1 business model
  • Designing a many:many business model

One of the most important goals for scaling is to move from being the operator of your business to becoming the owner of your business. To execute this safely, a solid infrastructure must be in place. Go from working far too much to creating a scalable, fun to run business.


Every business needs to have a great infrastructure that allows growth. We are here to simplify your technology strategy, and create the solid infrastructure your growing company needs. Go from tech headache to a simple, tailored technical infrastructure that supports your growth ambitions.

PR & Publicity

If you want to gain industry leadership, you want other people and platforms to spread your message. Create a solid strategy and an action plan for getting publicity, leverage your publicity for years to come and be seen as the leading brand in your industry.


It’s time to formalize your business, create the assets that increase the value of your company, and processes that make your business scale. Implement brand assets, intellectual property, and set the standard in your industry. Go from an unstructured business to a real company with high operational efficiency.


Having the right people on your team is elementary for your growth. Learn how to add team members, how to delegate, and lead a team that takes your business to the next level. Go from being one and only doing everything to leading a team of high performers that help you get to your goals faster.

Strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships will catapult your company to new heights. Create new exciting opportunities by partnering up with key players in your industry. Go from a tiny network to a large network of key players.



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Jennifer Segerius, MBA

Jennifer Segerius, MBA, is the founder and CEO JSI, as well as 4 other businesses. She is known as the Dutch Master Marketing Consultant. Jennifer is most sought after in the online business community for setting consultants up for their own success. She is also well known for setting up businesses for optimization and profit with many years in the field of leadership development and coaching. 

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