Start Up Business Coaching

Start Up Business Coaching

Welcome to the journey where we help you create the success which matters to you! 🙂

The Business Start Up Coaching Service provides business coaching which is effective in getting our clients the successes they want.  Because each client has unique goals, it’s a challenge describing what to expect from the coaching process, because it will be different for every individual.  However, here are the elements which are generally consistent: 

The number one result our clients achieve after going through this coaching process is clarity and focus of exactly how they can achieve their business goals. 

The coaching package is delivered through one to one business consultancy/coaching, designed specifically for people who want to transition from employee to entrepreneur.  Or for existing business owners who want to overcome the next challenge, to continue to grow their business.  What is means is that you have an expert by your side, showing you the easiest way to get things done with maximum business results. 

This coaching package has been formulated through the lessons learned from hands on experience with a wide variety of Start Ups since 2008, and studying some of the most successful Start Up businesses in the world.

The package covers the essential elements which will ensure your business is a success, we help you avoid becoming one of the statistics: 90% of businesses fail within their first 3 years.

The great thing about people who start their own business is they have the belief they will succeed, without this belief, success probably wouldn’t be possible.   However, it’s the belief and confidence which causes many to make ill-informed decisions which cause them to invest money they don’t need to, into things which don’t produce the results they need. 

The Business Start Up Coaching Package includes:

Strategy Session (4 hours)

The process within this session is one of discovery, enabling you to create a crystal clear picture of exactly what you want to achieve in life, and your business.

If your business isn’t supporting your personal goals it won’t inspire you or motivate you, or help you as an individual be happy, healthy and wealthy. (The mission of Success Matters is to create the corporations of tomorrow; businesses which support all those within and those connected to them in being happy, healthy and wealthy.)

From these clear goals, an effective business strategy is formulated. This business strategy is the backbone of support which will enable you to make effective business decisions, and make sure your business activities are supporting your overall goals.

Together, we help you work smarter, so that your goals become your reality, and don’t just stay as dreams.

Branding Strategy

Branding Strategy:

The brand is the strongest foundation on which to build an effective marketing strategy, marketing and sales are fundamental to achieving business success. A brand is not a logo!!!

A brand is the emotional relationship between your customers and your business. 

Once your business and personal goals and values have been clarified, the next step is to create an authentic brand which embodies the goals, aspirations, ethics and values which you have clarified in the strategy session.

As a result of this element you will have a clear brand identity, both in terms of the visual representation you wish your business to project, and the “personality” and the culture of the business.

Instructing a Graphic Designer

Graphic Design Brief:

After defining the brand, a visual image (logo & Brand guidelines/palette) need to be created, embodying and communicating what is important for the customers to the customers. 

The logo provides an excellent visual reassurance that the business will fulfil its promises to the customers. A strong logo helps develop trust and encourages responses from potential customers.

Enquiries are the “gold” for you to mine; mining being the process of converting an enquiry into a sale. Without sales you have no cashflow which is the lifeblood of any business; without cashflow your business dies.

It is vital to provide a graphic designer with a comprehensive design brief, with this, they are then able to create a visual representation of your brand values and goals.

A powerful logo creates a positive emotional connection with potential customers, and is one which they are drawn towards.

Many new start-ups fall into the trap of thinking that they’ve communicated clearly to a designer, only to discover when they get the design ideas back, the designs look nothing like they’d envisaged. Working through the graphic design brief structure ensures you don’t waste your time and energy, or that of your designer.

Online Marketing Strategy

Social Media & Blogging Strategy: 

In this session you’ll learn how to create positive relationships and turn customers into raving fans who do your marketing for you.

Social media delivers valuable, relevant content directly to where your potential customers are “hanging out”. It then directs these potential clients to your website, where they can find even more juicy value. This is what Claire has coined as “The Breadcrumb Marketing Trail”.

You’ll know what to research, and which platforms are worth investing your time effort, energy and resources into, to get results for your business. 

Blogging supports an effective SEO strategy by providing valuable useful content. Effective SEO means that the customers who are already actively seeking your services and/or products will find your website (not your competitors). When they arrive at your website, it gives the opportunity to convert them into happy customers.

People Management, Recruitment & Succession Strategy 

This includes job design, key performance indicators, performance management of your team, how to attract and retain the right people for the right roles to help your business grow.  
It also includes guidance and support in handling difficult people management situations, such as disciplinary & grievance guidelines, child protection policies, and generally how to mitigate the risk associated with managing a team. 

Referral & Sales Strategy:

Knowing and implementing the steps in this proven referral and sales process helps you convert interest into customers, who then become raving fans (doing your marketing for you). This creates a never ending stream of referrals from happy customers.

One of the vital elements of this is delivering excellence in customer service, which exceeds customer expectations.   

Creating Systems and Processes 

In order to grow a business, it is essential that policies, procedures and processes be clear and consistently implemented.   This reduces costs, increases productivity and makes it easier to train and up-skill new employees in understanding the way the business operates and achieves its objectives. 

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