45 Free Marketing Tools

When I was just starting out, I remember tears of joy streaming down my face when I found a software tool at a fraction of the cost of another. And even if you’re an established company, now the economy is playing with our (emotions!) purse strings. Are we passed the recession? Is one coming? Either way, […]

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11 Success Habits of Millionaire Women

I grew up middle class. So, weighed down by my own limiting beliefs, I thought I would never make more than $40,000 a year ever. That was it, the limit I set for myself.

But over time, I started to expand what was possible for me. I found myself surrounded by very successful women, making a million dollars or more per year.

At the time, the idea of making $1,000,000 in 1 year blew my mind. I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but I started to dream of making that happen for myself.

Then, in 2020, my own business made over $1MIL, too.

Miracles do happen.

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9 Important Things to Do To Avoid Being Permanently Canceled

Warning: lots of sassy language in this post!

Yesterday, I was sitting with my sister as we watched a fairly well-known business owner get her ass handed to her.

This business owner messed up; she plagiarized content and got caught.

But instead of doing the right things, she somehow managed to do all the wrong things.

“This is just making it so much worse for her,” I said to Rose.

I thought about it more, and I realized that most people have no idea how to handle someone publicly calling them out.

They don’t know how to handle the hate comments.

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