Persona Development Sessions


Before Embarking On A Content Marketing Program, You Need To Know Who Your Core Audience Is. We Uncover The Demographics, Behaviours And Motivations Of Your Site Visitors, Influencers And Decision-Makers.

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Get Personalized Mentoring Through Your Strategy Implementation and Be Sure That What You Create Will Generate Revenue​​​​​​​

This mentoring will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced…

  • This Program Is For Existing Self-Employed Small Business Owners Who Want A Clear Vision About Their Ideal Client Profile Creation, And How To Expand And/Or Improve It.
  • We Help Professionals Stand Out Online As Trusted Experts So That They Can Reach More Clients, Do Their Best Work, And Build Successful, Valuable Practices

Persona Creation

  • These Sessions Are Ideal For New Consultants And Business Owners Who Are Just Starting Out Online, And Need To Get A Handle On The Targeting Of Their Ideal Client And Avatar Creation.


  • You Will Implement All The Business Strategies Discussed


  • The Goal Is To Help Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, And Private Practice Professionals Start Create Their Ideal Client Profile
  • Your Business Will Finally Get The “Reality Check” It Needs To Climb Further, Faster And Higher
  • The Goal From The First Minute You Enter Is To Get YOU And YOUR BUSINESS As Many High Performing, Absolutely Stunning And Tectonic Breakthroughs That You Can Instantly Implement, Apply, Execute On, And See Meaningful (And Preferably Monumental) Results.

What You Get

  • 1 x 30 Minute Call
  • Feedback On Your Work
  • This is a one time charge of € 500.

Refund Policy

We Don’t Offer Refunds For Our Coaching Services. And We Never Had A Problem With That.


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