The Biggest Objection: The 7 keys to put it behind you once and for all

Everything was going so well, you almost wanted to pinch yourself.

You were saying all the right things. Your prospect was responding with excitement, feeding you all the right signals. You were certain enrolling her as a client was a done deal.

But then you ran into the objection. The Big Objection. The one that floored you.

The one that always floors you.

But the surprising thing is, this objection didn’t come from your prospect. It came from you.

That’s right. The biggest objection doesn’t come from your client. The biggest objection comes from YOU.

It’s the one that says:

  • How do I charge them for something I enjoy so much?
  • How do I charge them so much for something that’s so natural?
  • And man, that’s a big number. How do I even say it?
  • What if they think I’m one of those sleazy marketers?
  • What if they don’t get what they want?

And a hundred other doubts that make for awkward, uncomfortable enrolment conversations that don’t feel right, even when they go the way you want them to.

But it’s an issue you have to deal with.

#1, because you have to eat.

And #2, before you can get really good handling the objections that come from outside of you, you must get really good handling the objections that come from inside of you.

The good news is … what’s on the other side of that is an amazing place where:

  • Sales conversations
  • Making offers
  • Using big numbers in those offers that barely make it out of your mouth
  • And taking a stand for your client’s future by unashamedly making the case to work with you …

Are no longer a problem.

But how do you get to that magical place?

You get there by dealing with your biggest internal objections head on. And get through them, so you don’t have to deal with them again!

Are you interested in doing that now? Good!

I don’t want to “pressure people” or “be salesy”

That one is simple. Don’t pressure people or be salesy.

If you don’t believe you can change your prospect’s life with what you do, don’t make an offer. But if you truly can change their life, you OWE IT TO THEM to go to the wall to show them you can.

And let’s make this clear: The act of charging someone for something that will change their life doesn’t make you salesy. It makes you smart. Savvy. Sensible. And successful.

Because if you can make great money while you’re changing someone’s life, not only do you ensure you have the resources to change more lives. You get to live a better one yourself.


Get it?

Here’s the other thing about being “salesy” …

Your ideal client WANTS YOU TO MAKE AN OFFER.

Remember that person who asked you to marry them? Or asked you out on that hot date? (You know … the one you were hoping would ask).

What if they didn’t ask because they “didn’t want to be salesy”?

Because if you’ve connected with your prospect, laid out a clear path for how things can change for them, and demonstrated your value:

They WANT you to make an offer
They want you to be “the one”.
They want you to blow their socks off.
They want to fall to their knees after you’ve made your offer saying, “I’ve been hoping for someone like you for soooo long!”

(Just like that amazing guy or women who finally popped the question).

If you’re great (and I know you are) YOU are the one feeling uneasy about making an offer. So, stop projecting your own unease onto your ideal client.

Here’s a tip that will make it easier:

STOP putting all your energy into worrying they think you’ll be salesy.
And START putting that energy into blowing their socks off.

I don’t know if I’m worth what I’m charging them

With all due respect, I don’t think that’s the problem.

The problem is you have a pretty good idea you’re worth what you want to charge them. And that scares the you-know-what out of you because it forces you to:

  • Stop pretending you’re anything less than you are.
  • Stop hiding.
  • Step up to the plate and do whatever it takes to make the difference you know you can make.

And see your business as a responsibility to deliver your unique impact, instead of a fantasy where you get to be on TV shows and speak on stages and have thousands of people love you and throw money at you without having done the work to earn that.

Because the real reason you’re afraid of saying that big number is not that someone will say “You’re crazy!” It’s that they will say, “Great! Do you take American Express?”

Let’s be clear here:

I am not asking you to LIE and promise something you can’t deliver.
I am asking you to TELL THE TRUTH about something you know you CAN.

Well that sounds nice, but I can’t guarantee they’ll be successful

That one’s also easy. (Darn! All those escape routes are closing up pretty fast!)

1. Just don’t say the word “Guarantee”.
2. If you truly feel you’re not a match, don’t make an offer. Or propose a starter package at a lower price point, where they can progress to the level where they can truly benefit from your brilliance.

Finally, … you make clear they must be an active willing participant in their own transformation.

As Adam Urbanski once told me “You are responsible TO your client. You are not responsible for your client”.

It’s all about KNOWING and OWNING the value you bring to the table. While at the same time making it clear you cannot do for the client what they must do for themselves.

Which brings us to the real key at the heart of your unease.

VALUE is independent of time.

Get this and everything changes.

One of the primary distinctions I see between folks who are successful and those who are starting out is:

  • Folks starting out want a lot of stuff.
  • They want the 547 videos and the 85 checklists.
  • They want to put lots of time and effort into “learning” so they can show it off proudly, like a badge, to all their entrepreneur buddies.

Folks who are successful just want the secret.

In fact, someone who is successful will pay you more if you give them the key that changes everything in 30 minutes as opposed to 30 weeks.

Because they can then use the other 29 weeks, 6 days, 23 hours and 30 minutes to apply the secret you told them. Instead of “learning about it.”

A-ha’s are awesome. You just can’t pay the rent with them unless you convert them into currency.

It’s not that successful people don’t join masterminds or programs if that’s what they need to take the next leap. It’s that they are clear what they are buying is the payoff, and not how long it takes to create the payoff.

And you should do the same.

Stop believing you can’t charge a lot for what you do because you can create a massive result without putting in massive time.


You’re not charging for the time; you’re charging for the transformation. You’re not charging for the grind; you’re charging for the gain.

Here’s another secret: Value is independent of effort.

For some reason we have an equation in our minds that says:

  • To get paid a lot it has to hurt.
  • It has to be complicated.
  • It has to be an arduous grind.
  • We have to grunt and scream and cry.

And have the neighbours call the police on us because of the anguished yelps coming from “the house where that weird entrepreneur guy lives.”

Newsflash: It doesn’t. And you don’t.

That’s not saying you won’t have to work.

Or put in long hours.
Or face and overcome your fears.
Or move into unknown territory that’s uncomfortable and scary.
Or make hundreds of tweaks and adjustments.

But the work is often rewarding. Fulfilling. Fun. It doesn’t seem like work.

Not all the time. But enough of the time so you don’t feel right charging a bundle for it.

“How can I charge a lot for it, when it’s my nature do do this? When it’s fun?”

If you want to serve a lot of people at a high level, this is something you want to get over real quick.

Your unnecessary suffering doesn’t enrich the world. Or your bank account. It doesn’t make you virtuous.

It just makes you tired, and bitter and wondering if you really want to do this after all.

If you’re grunting and screaming and crying all the time, you’re not gonna have the energy or the desire to serve a lot of people at a high level.

Not that its always going to be a bowl of cherries.

But the stuff that is the most natural, enjoyable and fulfilling is the stuff you should charge the most for as long as it equally enriching to others.

Finally, answering the biggest objection comes down to this:

You can’t expect people to take a stand for themselves until you’re willing to take a stand for yourself.

Suzanne Evans says, “Your rate is your announcement to the world of your confidence in your skillset.”.

It’s the stand you take for your own value that allows others to take a stand for THEIR value by investing in it.

The problem too many of us have is we want people to throw their credit cards at us without taking the stand that makes them WANT to throw their credit cards at us.

Too many people want to do the crime, but they don’t want to do the time.

It doesn’t work that way.

But the thing that opens the doors to others investing in us at a high level is when we fully invest in our conviction in the difference we bring to the table.

Too many of us believe our compensation justifies our value.
When in reality, our value justifies our compensation.

So yes … by all means, invest in a great sales training (even one of mine) that walks you through how to address the objections you are bound to come up against in the course of your business.

Once you learn how to do it, it can actually be fun.

But if you try to do that before you fully overcome the biggest objection – the one you put in your own way through your doubts about your value or the difference you make – the objections thrown at you by prospects will feel insurmountable.

If you’d love to conquer your own internal objections once-and-for all – so you can ask for what you know you’re worth (and get it) I’d love to chat!

My clients who finally get how to master this and combine it with a seductive offer see their incomes take off!

If you’re ready to roll (and roll-up your sleeves) to make that your new normal … Let’s see how we can make that happen!

Jennifer Segerius

Jennifer Segerius, MBA, is the founder of many projects. She is known as the Dutch Master Consultant most sought after in the online business community for setting consultants up for their own success and setting up businesses for optimization and profit. She is famous as the consultant’s consultant and for creating profitable internet promotions that also skyrocket brand loyalty and goodwill without being obnoxious or even remotely “salesy”.