Cool Trick: How to Solve Even the Stickiest Problems in Five Minutes (or less!)

Have you ever noticed: It’s always easier to solve someone else’s business problems?

How the solution to their challenge is soooo obvious?

And how you walk away feeling like a certified genius because you nailed exactly what they need to do?

(Almost like a neon sign that says: “Here’s the solution!”)

But when it comes to solving your own roadblocks … hmmm.

You stammer. Hem and haw. Draw a blank. And feel like you just can’t figure it out.

Why is that?

Well, your real challenge is staring back at you in the mirror: It’s the excuses, rationalizations and reasons we give for why the same perfectly good solutions we would offer to someone else won’t work for us:

  • I’m too inexperienced.
  • I’ve never used Facebook ads.
  • I live miles and miles from a big city where all my ideal clients are.
  • OMG, I have four grey hairs! What will people think if I do a video?

Here’s an idea …

That will not only solve your problem. It might help you create a red hot freebie (or at the very least, a viral blog post) in the process:

1. Pretend your problem is someone else’s problem.

2. Create a cool freebie that solves it for them.

3. And then … just follow your own advice.

Need leads for a launch?

Then create “15 Ways to Add 1500 Leads to Your List in 30 Days or Less.”

Would an extra $50K in the bank be helpful?

Then create “The 50K Rescue Plan: 7 Steps to Add $50,000 to Your Bottom Line by the End of the Year.”

Don’t know what’s the best option for your group program?

Create “33 Off-the-Charts Ideas for Your First (or Next) Profitable Group Program.”

The biggest killer for your business is when you play helpless.

“I don’t know what to do.”
“It’s too hard.”
“I’m not good at [ fill in the blank ].

There’s a good chance you know exactly what to do.

And it’s only hard because you’re stopping yourself before you even have a chance to start.

Because if your best friend came to you with the exact same problem, they wouldn’t be able to shut you up.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me when the possible solutions start gushing out of your mouth, your friend asks, “Is it OK if I record this?”

  • Stop letting the fact that it’s your problem throw you for a loop.
  • Take yourself out of the equation.
  • Just for a moment forget about all the reasons why you can’t.

And just solve the problem!

  • Pretend it’s someone else’s problem …
  • Create an awesome freebie that solves it.
  • And then pick the best option from that freebie to start on.

(You might also end up with a huckuva freebie!)

So … what freebie could you create that would solve your own challenge?

Let me know in the comments.

Jennifer Segerius

Jennifer Segerius, MBA, is the founder of many projects. She is known as the Dutch Master Consultant most sought after in the online business community for setting consultants up for their own success and setting up businesses for optimization and profit. She is famous as the consultant’s consultant and for creating profitable internet promotions that also skyrocket brand loyalty and goodwill without being obnoxious or even remotely “salesy”.