How to Start Manifesting – My 3 Beginner Tips

So you’ve heard of the term law of attraction or manifesting, but maybe you’re like me and you didn’t really know exactly what it means.

When I first heard of the term, I thought it was kind of weird. I didn’t really understand it, but over time I was able to really channel into a very powerful tool to get what I wanted in life.

I’m going to share some tips to help you get started manifesting, let’s go!

The first thing that you might be wondering is, what the heck is manifesting, what even is it?

And so I’ve got a really good definition of it to help us understand what exactly manifesting is.

So I’m going to read it here.

This definition is by Angelina Lombardo and she says, “Manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality, via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.” Manifesting, put really simply is making what you want to come true, making what you want real.

If you’re anything like most people, when you start your manifesting journey, you probably have tried it and it hasn’t worked for you.

Or maybe you want to get started, but it feels really overwhelming, or you feel a little weird about it.

That’s really normal, I just want to start this whole conversation out by saying that it’s very normal to feel out of your element, as you begin manifesting.

Don’t worry.

You’re exactly where you should be.

I’m going to share three tips on how to start manifesting.

One of the favorite things that I’ve ever manifested was my move from Delaware to California.

So as you can see here, I made a little manifesting board, this was years ago, and it had all these cool things on it.

It just some cool California things.

And when I made this board years ago, I had no idea if I was actually going to be able to make it happen, but I got really, really clear on what I wanted, I put it on a board and I just let it sit.

And we’ll talk more about manifesting what you need to know and what you need to do, but I wanted to share that I’ve been able to manifest my dreams.

How To Start Manifesting Tip #1: Be sure to pick a goal that’s big enough to excite you, but small enough to feel achievable.

So when you hit your manifesting goal, you should be running around the house like a crazy lady, you should be popping bottles of champagne, you should be so excited that you hit your goal.

But it should also feel small enough to where you say, “Okay, you know what? This feels achievable. This feels doable.”

So as you’re picking your manifesting goal, be sure to pick a goal that’s big enough to excite you and small enough to where it actually feels achievable.

How To Start Manifesting Tip #2: Affirmations or statements of belief are really powerful when you manifest.

And it’s critical that when you write your affirmations and don’t worry, I’ll give you an example of one, it’s really critical that you write them as if they’ve already happened. So I’m going to give you an example of an affirmation.

An affirmation for me could be, I have moved to beautiful California.

It’s just a statement of belief, it’s a statement of intent. I have moved to California.

And note that it’s in the past tense as if it’s already happened. That’s really important.

So I’m not saying I would like to move to California, I want to move to California, it’s I have moved to California. So it’s a statement of fact, it’s statement of belief.

How To Start Manifesting Tip #3: Record your affirmations.

What I like to do is, I like to record an audio file of me saying this affirmation, “I’ve moved to California and it’s amazing”.

I love how I live in beautiful California and it’s so sunny and amazing.

So if you have an iPhone, the app that I use to do this is simply the voice memo section.

So what I’m going to do is I’m going to search memo and I’m going to show you one right now, how I would do it.

So right now I am trying to manifest million-dollar months cash. And so I’m going to give an example of me recording the affirmation, that statement of belief that that’s happening to me.

I love that I make a million dollars every single month.

Every single month, people love my work so much that I receive a million dollars every single month in cash.

And then what I’ll do is I’ll save it and I’ll add binaural beats to the background.

Here’s what it sounds like with the beats over it.

I love that I make a million dollars every single month, every single month, people love my work so much that I receive a million dollars every single month in cash.

All of these tips are really helpful, but if you’re looking for something that you can get started doing, literally today, I recommend you download the app called The Secret.

The Secret is an app that helps you familiarize yourself with manifesting practices.

So over here, you can see you have purchases, which is where you pretend to spend the money that you’ve earned.

You can see the money that you’ve manifested.

You can get daily affirmations.

So my affirmation for today is, “I want to let you in on a secret to The Secret, the shortcut to anything you want in your life is to be and feel happy now. It is the fastest way to bring money and anything else you want into your life. Focus on radiating out into the universe, those feelings of joy and happiness. When you do that, you will attract back to you, all the things that bring you joy and happiness. Which will not only include an abundance of money, but everything else you are wanting.”

What a daily inspiration. You can see your affirmations.

So today my affirmation is, “This is exactly the right time for me to be wealthy.”

If I want to go to the next one. I could read, “Money is constantly appearing in my life in unexpected ways.”

So you can see here, there are giving, there are also instructions on setting up.

If you want to practice every single day and slowly ease your way into manifesting, this app, The Secret, is the perfect place to start.

It’s a free app, you can download it in the app store.

I believe they make it for both iPhone and Android.

And it’s the perfect way for you to get started on your manifesting journey.

Be sure to turn on the notifications so we can send you those daily reminders and those daily inspirations.

And you’re going to be really well on your way to starting your manifesting journey.

Here’s what I want you to know, everybody’s manifesting journey is different.

So take what you found helpful and use it here today, but don’t feel pressure to use all of it.


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