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From business start ups and experienced practises to medium and large companies, my dedicated strategic growth services serve all.

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About Jennifer Segerius, MBA

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Need a modern approach to marketing?
That’s where I fit in.  I  have holistic frameworks that can adapt, connecting your brand with real customers to drive profitable results.

Successfully Providing Business Solutions for 20 years


I don’t approach strategy with any pre-conceived ideas. I start with your business objectives to enable me to understand what it is that you want to achieve. Simple awareness, lead generation or brand building? Or do you just want more people buying more of what you do? Once I work this out, I can guide you through the strategic process and choose the right tools and channels to generate demand and deliver creative genius.


Once I understand your objectives, I’m ready to turn the strategy into action. Maybe it’s a knockout campaign, memorable advert, a great tagline, product packaging or point of sale merchandise? Whatever your needs, I’m here to help you achieve them in the most creative way possible.


My demand generation includes the strategy, creativity, processes, tools and activities needed to create the desire for your products or services. I have the versatility to work across different markets to create awareness, discover new audiences, develop brand recognition and begin the engagement process to nurture prospects into customers.

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From banking and insurance to wealth the management and securitie on distribution financial

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From banking and insurance to wealth the management and securitie on distribution financial


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