Growth Coaching

Growth Coaching


Tailored to you, a growth-focused, smart CEO of a modern company with big ambitions.

We help you engineer your unique path to increased sales, better profits, and more fun.

If you are looking to take the next step to a real, fast expanding, international company, you should join our next level Avenue Business Program, an individually tailored program to suit your needs when you’re looking to scale.

What results do I get?

During this program, we build the following assets to scale your business

  • Product assets
  • Brand assets
  • Audience assets
  • Acquisition assets
  • People assets
  • Capital assets
  • Management assets
  • Technology assets

Format: 1:1 strategy calls, coaching & consulting, tech implementation labs, online teaching portal with 100’s of implementation lessons and instructions, assessments, Q&A workshops, quarterly assessments, monthly KPI tracking, weekly follow up.


You don't know how to grow your company?

Growing a business requires a lot, and if you’re feeling confused, it’s most likely due to the following: too much stuff online makes you over-consume and under-commit. You can’t choose which of the strategies are for you, and what you can just ignore nobody has actually presented you with a proven plan connecting the dots. A plan that has a clear structure, direction, and milestones. Good news: we have a plan. It’s simple and effective. It does require you to work, but when you do the work, you will see the results. The best part is this: you’re always just a few days away from a call where you can ask any questions you have!

You don't know what to focus on next?

Overwhelm is killing your progress leaving you overworked and stressed. We don’t want that! The JSI Growth System lets you focus on the right things at the right time to grow your business, regardless of the stage you’re at, and where you want to get. This is how it works: We first identify where you’re at. This is done together in a private consultation with a Certified Avenue Growth Coach (PRIVATE/PREMIUM). After that, we will create a plan for your coming 12 months. We prioritize the activities that you must take now to take your business to your individual goals. Then, we follow up on your progress and when you’re ready, take on another project that’s going to result in the next level of growth. Simple? Yes. Easy? No, but we will help you all the way.

You are not sure how to make people buy what you offer?

Have you been trying to launch but you only hear… nothing? It’s pretty normal, and we have a solution to that. It’s called: Concept That Sells Framework; a systematic way of creating something that people want to buy, and then offering that thing to them for a price that feels good for them and you. Before this is fixed, no marketing is going to work. That’s why we normally start with this!

You are confused about marketing?

Are you confused about marketing? The chance is that you’re only focusing on the top-level activities such as posting on socials, or alternatively: not doing anything at all? There’s a secret to marketing that works, and here it is: you must know what your audience wants you must have a system that moves them from awareness to purchase It’s pretty simple if you think about it, yet so many businesses don’t spend enough resources to build the system. They ‘think’ they have done their marketing thing if they publish images on socials and use the right hashtags… Sorry, it’s not working. Let’s take this thing seriously and finally build a SYSTEM that works for you.

Your sales is not really working?

Is your sales game a bit off? There’s a risk that… you’re trying to push sales message to people who are not interested at all you haven’t warmed up the right person enough you don’t have a system that moves the sales process with ease and confidence you flinch when you need to talk about money you don’t follow up enough Does any of these reasons sound like it could be a reason for your sales not working too well? The great news is this: We have a plan for you! A sales system is one of the most fundamental systems we help you build, and it’s a combination of strategies, messaging, and technologies. Frankly: you need all these. Let us help you build your sales system!

You are ready to scale up but are unsure what would be the right model?

Typically, we help businesses scale up by implementing a business model that allows them to move from 1:1 work to 1:many, many:1, or many:many. Most often the business model contains all of these, hence we need to focus on creating a model and infrastructure that works for you.

You can't figure out all the tech?

Does technology give you a bit of a headache? We get it. Our mission is to empower millions of small business owners to use today’s technology to get better results, faster ROI, and better life. We are technology nerds (and proud of it) and our superpower is to help you untangle the technology jungle. We will guide you right in the digital transformation of your business; regardless if it’s about parts of your business (sales & marketing) or fully transform your business into the digital age (deliveries, operations & management).

You need a team but don't know where to start?

Are you ready for a team yet don’t know where to start? Or, do you work crazy hours per week but the idea of having team members intimidate you? We will help you put together your profitable dream team!

What is your idea of SUCCESS?

A real business that's based on strategic ASSETS instead of trading hours for cash?

Considerably increased revenue & profitability supported by SYSTEMS that work even if you don't?

CLARITY on what you're supposed to do next to grow your business?

Understanding of the marketing and sales technologies and your unique GROWTH ROADMAP?

Complicated business problems SOLVED with a team of consultants and coaches who have your back?

Full control of the KEY METRICS to base your decisions on?

We Might Be Able To Help You....

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