About Us

About Us


We have developed a highly talented team of the world’s best experts to support and guide your business success!  The cumulative years of business excellence, experience and achievement of our award winning team is impressive to say the least.  Each of our executive coaches are highly trained and certified and have achieved unprecedented levels of success throughout their careers.  They each have spent many years coaching businesses and their leaders to reach their goals and exceed their expectations.  Each of our seasoned coaches has a portfolio of clients including small business leaders and the most powerful Fortune 500 CEO’s. We have selected a dynamic and talented team of skilled coaching professionals to support your continued goal achievement and success!

Our coaches represent the best in the industry.

The Founder: Jennifer Segerius

Jennifer Segerius, MBA, is the founder and CEO of BOSS Business Boost and Jennifer Segerius, Free Movement  and Ulticoach. She is known as the Dutch Master Marketing Consultant. She is most sought after in the online business community for setting consultants up for their own success. She is also well known for setting up businesses for optimization and profit with many years in the field of leadership development and coaching. 

She is famous as the consultant’s consultant and for creating profitable internet promotions that also skyrocket brand loyalty and goodwill without being obnoxious or even remotely “salesy”.

Award Winning

Jennifer is an international award-winning, minority certified, highly sought thought leader and business adviser who has worked with boards of directors, C-Suite executives and leaders at some of the world’s most successful domestic and international companies as well as hundreds of small to mid-size businesses and their owners, CEOs, executive leadership teams, management and sales teams.

Growth Driven Results

Her commanding presence and bold vision catalyzes business owners, leaders and sales professionals to not only push through barriers to growth, but boost revenues by 200 to over 1000%. Jennifer is an award winning business expert with the capacity to take a business and its leaders in the right direction, make the right decisions, get them doing the right things, delivering results and leaving the business and the people better off than they were before she was introduced to the organization.

Jennifer’s Passion

Jennifer’s passion and enthusiasm to support small business owners in their pursuit for success lead her to develop the revolutionary “Free Movement Marketing University“. She has compiled all of the most powerful techniques, key business principles, processes and systems, planning and CEO success habits she uses to help her largest clients bring out their absolute best and achieve successive next-level bests in business to support you in achieving exceptional growth in profits, performance and achievement. 

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