4 Proven Marketing Strategies To Attract Your Dream Clients

4 Proven Marketing Strategies To Attract Your Dream Clients

I use little-practiced marketing strategies to attract my dream clients for years now. These clients are high-paying and they can make your business a success. But first, it is important to know what marketing is. It is also essential to know how to create a powerful marketing strategy. Today, I am going to reveal the marketing strategies I used so you can start implementing them into your business.

My Secret Dream

A good marketing strategy is the reason why I am living my dream. When I was in corporate America, working for New York Life, I experienced many great things. I developed my skillset and received training. My sense of leadership grew and I met an amazing mentor.

What I really wanted was the confidence to go after my dreams. The cool thing is that I was in a place where my mentor was a big thinker and big dreamer. I learned to stretch my thinking, dream, and go after things. Yet, I was also climbing a ladder in an industry I wasn’t 100 percent passionate about.

Why You Should Attract Dream Clients?

One of the things I’ve discovered on this journey is even if coaching and speaking are great, if I can’t attract my dream clients I’d be trapped.

In that scenario, I would just keep holding onto my dream of being a speaker but remain unable to reach it. When you have a marketing strategy that draws in massive amounts of people to see you and connect with you and consume your products, more dreams become possible.

This begs the question: Who are the dream clients? These are your high-end clients. They are the ones you love working and spending time with. At the same time, they want to be around you. It’s exciting and exhilarating to help them.

A dream client is also somebody whose dreams you help make come true. They may be coming to you for financial advice. They may have a dream of retiring one day and traveling to holiday destinations. You’re helping them realize those dreams.

You may have clients who come in and their dream is to heal themselves or be in the best shape of their lives. You may have clients whom you teach relationships to, so they can find their dream spouse.

It doesn’t matter what field you’re in. One of the goals is to help our clients’ dreams come true.

Dream clients also pay you what you’re worth. In the process, you can run a dream business anywhere in the world and enjoy your dream lifestyle.

If you think about a marketing strategy to acquire dream clients, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to have your dream lifestyle. Your dream lifestyle will give you the freedom of money and time. With this freedom, you can have more chances to go after more dreams. It’s a pretty good game. You and the clients both win.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is a platform, strategy or vehicle to help your dreams come true. Many people say, “Marketing is so confusing” or “Where do I even begin?” The great thing about a marketing strategy is you can learn it like a game and have fun with it.

I told myself, “It’s too painful to chase after clients, try to get booked on stages all the time, and be in the hustle of marketing.” You know what I’m saying? The hustle is chasing people.

The opposite of the hustle is dream clients coming to you. It doesn’t mean you don’t work hard or put an effort into building a tactical marketing plan or system but when you start building it, people are and will be coming to you.

Chasing clients is no fun. I did it for years, from the time I was 21 to 28. In the insurance business, we had to go after clients and network.

Then I did it in this business. I had to go get on stages and chase people at networking events. I had to get on the phone and call people. Now, I pick up the phone and call people about dreams and ideas I have. My clients come to me with an intelligent marketing strategy and a marketing mix.

Here’s My Dream For You

With Marketing to Millions, my dream is to teach you some marketing strategies to make you say, “Wow, this is starting to make sense” or “Wow, I can see myself doing this.” Then, if it makes sense and you can see yourself doing it, the key is for you to do it.

I don’t expect you to become a master marketer in only one or two sessions. What I want you to do is to stick to a particular marketing strategy and to continue to learn and try things.

I’m going to give you some proven strategies. I can share with you is there’s no one right way to slice bread. I’m going to give you multiple options today and I want you to understand why these things work. Most importantly, by the end of this article, you will understand marketing.

The Most Important Thing To Do

I have four marketing strategies and I’ll begin with the simplest ones. Our goal is to get clients into a free consultation.

You think about marketing today and say, “Oh, I’m marketing so I can sell my products. I can just sell my products, make lots of money from my products and get my message out there. I don’t have to do sales calls anymore.”

I’m going to give you a different approach to this and provide you with methods so you can achieve it. Now, a free consultation is about 45 minutes. During that time, you coach people and make an offer. From the free consultation, our goal is to get people to experience what we can do and then get them into a high-end program.

What makes our online marketing fun, super profitable, and great at bringing dream clients in? Getting them on the phone. What are the different marketing strategies to help you get a free consultation with dream clients? Let’s begin.

1. Facebook Advertising

One of the most basic marketing strategies is running Facebook ads through social media. Social media marketing is a good strategy, to begin with. We’re actually teaching our clients to set up and manage these ads to get free consultations.

One of the biggest concerns people have about online marketing is how they can drive traffic. A lot of people will talk about strategic partners which I think is a great way to grow a business. I do product launches with strategic partners which promote me.

One of my goals after doing the product launches on social media which brought us seven figures was to try to create a system that brings in dream clients to our business every single day.

I have been running social media ads, particularly Facebook ads for years but about a year and a half ago, I thought, “What would it be like to take that one launch and do it every single month?”

We’re not doing seven figures every single month in our business with this strategy but we did about $350,000 in sales on average by running Facebook ads. I want to teach you how we achieve that. I can’t guarantee your results, as they can vary significantly. However, if I were you, I would be stepping in to learn this stuff so I could do it for my business.

How To Get Free Consults With Facebook Ads?

There are different marketing strategies to offer a free consultation with Facebook ads:

1. Use a Video To Offer A Free Gift

Let people watch a video which offers a free consultation. Many people on social media love to watch videos. One of my clients, David Mehler, who runs a brand called Man of Fire, has run this successfully. It’s simple.

He offers a free gift through a Facebook ad. Once they download the free gift, they watch a 10-minute video saying, “Hey, congratulations. Your Man on Fire Manifesto is on its way to your inbox. Before you go there, I want to teach you three things about how to rise up to your passion and your power in your relationships and your career.”

Then he teaches them three things. The whole point of this video and what makes it work is he’s giving them great content. He’s not just going, “Hey, go book a strategy session.” He teaches them.

The best thing about this strategy is you give your high-end clients something they can consume before they get on with the free consultation. That way, they get to know you and your brand.

2. Give Them Awesome Content

A good content marketing strategy is essential for any business. I talked about the importance of great content marketing in one of my live-streams. I said content starts to add value and gives people an idea of the value they would receive if and when they build a coaching relationship with you. It’s important they understand who you are and what you do. How can you help them?

If I’m watching this video and I’m a client, I would think, “How can David help me?” As I watch David’s video, I get my answer. He’s teaching me three things which can help me. Now I’m getting value from him. I know who he is.

All throughout the video, he’s telling people, “Hey, if you really like this, I want to encourage you to go book a free Man on Fire consultation. During the consultation, I can help you do this, this, and this.” Throughout the video, he’s making calls to action for them to go book a free consultation. Make sense? He’s giving a free consultation to sell $5,000 programs through a video.

3. Let Them Know When Something Is Coming

If you just go, “Hey, go book this free consultation” directly, you’ll probably get fewer people. You may also have an unqualified person on the phone.

I would suggest not having the call-to-action button pop up on the video until half the running time. You can also say, “Hey, in a few minutes, the button’s going to pop up for you to book a free consultation if you want to have a Man on Fire free consultation with me.”

They know it’s coming but they have to wait, consume the information, and have some resonance with you.

By doing this, you don’t need to spend your entire time during the consultation convincing them why you’re an expert. In the video, you’re teaching, telling your story, and sharing testimonials from your clients. You’ve already established yourself as an expert. You become an instant authority online. Instantly, you have credibility which people all over the world can see. It’s a game changer.

When you think about this, it’s one of the simplest marketing strategies you can set up and run. The key is to give more quality content, so your dream clients can also have a quality conversation with you.

Now, they could consume a whole bunch of content but then get on the phone and it turns out they’re broke. Expect that. You’re going to have a bunch of conversations with potential people who don’t have money but you’re going to find a conversation where you can truly attract the person to invest in your coaching program

4. Fill Out A Questionnaire

One of my marketing strategies for Facebook ads and video is to let these clients fill out a questionnaire.

The way David has done it in his business is he will actually have them fill out a questionnaire before they get on. Then, he can look through the questionnaire. If they’re not a good fit, he sends them an email and tells them they didn’t qualify. He gets to weed out the people who don’t look committed. After all, in his questionnaire, he gets to ask, “On a scale of 1 to 10, how committed are you to doing this?”

If you look at the questionnaire and you say, “I don’t want to get on the phone with them,” then you just chuck it. You only get on the phone with people who look good. Make sense?

How do you get them to fill out a questionnaire? You can say, “Hey, I’m going to give you an opportunity to get a free consultation. Fill out the questionnaire below. You’ll submit it to me and if you qualify to get a free consultation with us based on your response, we’ll let you know.”

One of the biggest mistakes in marketing strategies is to keep thinking, “Free is free is free is free.” When you do free all the way, you can’t get high-end clients. When you put barriers to entry in your marketing like filling out a questionnaire to qualify people, it can be just as good as the money put down to get on the phone.

5. Let Them Make A Down Payment

In fact, you can make them watch a certain amount of the video, let them fill out the questionnaire, and you say, “Hey, to get on the phone for a free consultation, you have to put down a deposit today of $97 that’s fully refundable.”

I don’t think you need to do it out of the gate. As you start getting a ton of free consultations, you can put the $97 deposit down as a barrier to entry. That way, you’re getting even more quality people.

2. Strategic Product Selling

Another of our marketing strategies is product selling but this is going to be unique. Once they download the free gift through a Facebook ad video, they see a page making an offer on a product.

We call these our entry-level products since they are priced $37 or $97. This how these products work: If they buy a product from us, we will get them into a free consultation. From the free consult, we offer an opportunity for them to become a dream client.

To be more specific, once they buy a product from us, then we send them a video offering a free consultation. Either way, in both marketing strategies, your clients get a free consultation. The difference here is they’ve purchased a product and now they’re a customer.

Making An Impact

Why do we do this? One, again, this technique acts as a barrier entry, weeding out less-qualified people. Second, it shows the client’s commitment to your program.

Let me say this: Of course, our goal here is to get people to buy products. Working one-on-one with dream clients is not my only goal. When people buy our products, it gets our tools and our coaching into the hands of as many people as possible. This way, I can truly make an impact with our story. I can help empower them to become coaches and speakers, go out, and make a difference in the world.

I like this because we get to impact way more people. If somebody comes to a free consult and they never become a client, we’re still impacting them. They’re still taking steps and consuming the step-by-step systems to help them to get clients, results, and impact.

Repeat Customers

What I’ve discovered while doing these marketing strategies is when somebody becomes a customer, they’re more likely to buy again. I like getting buyers because they tend to make additional buying decisions.

In a video, you can say, “Hey, congratulations. Because you’re a customer, we want to offer you a free dream clients delivery coaching session.” This video offers them the free consult, they show up to the free consult, and we coach and help them clear their vision. We talk to them about the challenges preventing them from getting their dream clients and give them a plan and path to go out and start getting clients in the next 30 days to 60 days.

Our free consult is valuable. If they decide to work with us and join one of our higher-tier programs, then awesome. Of course, it’s our goal, because we know if people work with us in our higher-tier programs, they’re going to get to their dreams and visions faster. If they don’t, then we’ve added a tremendous amount of value to our customers, and they’re going to remember us for it.

We’ll sell programs as high as $40,000 on the phone to clients through this system. We have others here too who sell below or above such number. We give options for people when they come to this free consult, so they can start where they want and make a bigger decision. This is one we’ve been running for a while and we’ve been running it super successfully.

3. Webinars

Another of the marketing strategies that work is a webinar. It’s different from social media or Facebook ads where they can watch 10 minutes of me on video or one of my clients offering the free consult. The effect is instant.

With the webinar, they actually have to sign up to gain access, so there’s an immediate barrier to entry. They sign up for the webinar and show up. My webinar’s an hour long but here’s the thing. Unless they’re on the webinar for 45 minutes, they cannot book a free consultation.

Why do I do this? If I’m going to give them a free consult and use my team’s resources, they need to show me they’re willing to show up, invest 45+ minutes watching a webinar, and invest another 45 minutes on a phone call before we will let them into our community.

This works because we’re making them consume the information and we’re putting up these barriers. By the time they get there, they know what my system’s about.

When they get on the phone with the coach, they know what they’re looking for. I’ve told them the path. I’ve shared the steps to being successful. Now, if they want it, they get to join the program.

4. Diversification

All these marketing strategies work for us. Still, people ask, “Why do all these instead of just one?” I’ll give you another strategy which works for us too. It’s called diversification.

What happened if something happens and my ultimate marketing plan doesn’t work and stops producing results? I like to have multiple marketing strategies to bring in dream clients. I know if one thing is doing better than the other at any given time, I’m strong here.

Which One Should You Do First?

When you have multiple marketing strategies and limited resources, the challenge is determining which one you should do first. If I were you, I would choose the fastest path.

Usually, I use a Facebook ad for a video. If you’re not comfortable doing a video, as you probably don’t want to be seen, make a webinar with a PowerPoint and your voice. You can do 10 minutes of just slides with very valuable content.

You can also go a much longer route which is just as effective. For example, you can have a webinar presentation which is 45 minutes to an hour long. It takes a little bit more mastery to do it but it works great. Choose the path you want.

If you’re still confused, get a free consult with one of our coaches and consider your options of how we could serve you more deeply with this.

The Benefits of These Marketing Strategies

You need to understand marketing and answer the most basic questions like “Why does this work?” or “In the grand scheme of things, why does this make sense for building a really intelligent business?” The reality is a couple things.

1. They Help Control The Game

When you’re running Facebook ads or employing the other marketing strategies, you control the game. You are not dependent on a strategic partner for your promotion and product launches. You’re not dependent upon getting booked on a stage.

With these marketing strategies, you can start really small and you can grow your own marketing.

2. They Grow Your Marketing List

These marketing strategies deliver dream clients for free consultations but that’s not all. They help you build a list.

An email list gives you longer-term success. You can build a growing community of buyers. Having a lot of buyers who are consuming your stuff and talking to you is an asset.

The cool thing is that an email list can work on repeat. Today, your list will get an email saying, “Hey, go book a free consultation with us.” Days later or even a year after, they’ll get pretty much the same thing.

This is important because you never know when they’re going to respond. Doing this on repeat gives your list a chance to make a big investment decision anytime.

A lot of times people go, “I need to make money right now. I need to be profitable.” An email list can give you that. Since it’s a long-term marketing plan, you’ll make even more money, have even more people, have a system set up, and be able to build for the future.

Because you have a list of your dream clients, you have options for your marketing strategies.

For example, you can now look for a strategic partnership. It’s harder to do it when you don’t have an asset or a system. When you have a system to bringing in leads every single day, you become valuable in the marketplace.

3. They Let You Choose Your Clients

It’s not enough to simply know these marketing strategies or even master them. You have to determine why you’re getting in the game of doing this. For me, it’s when I have a system, I don’t have to chase clients ever again. It’s freedom!

There’s also freedom of being able to choose your dream clients. One day, I was on the phone with one of my salespeople who had a client who was indecisive. My salesperson said, “We just need to cut this person loose because we want to work with dream clients who are ready to get into action and do this thing.”

The freedom of choosing your client and never having to chase one is not only wonderful but also liberating.

4. They Allow You To Dictate The Price

A lot of times people look at my stuff and ask, “How are you charging what you’re charging?” The reality to me is I think our programs are really reasonable.

We’ve created all these different tiers so they’re reasonable — period. There are many tiers people can get in on. Everything we do is reasonable. There’s a ladder the clients can climb.

The main reason I can command the type of pricing I do is I know this stuff and have developed skill sets which make me good at a lot of different things.

If you can control your marketing, it means you control pricing too. You’re not in this place of desperation to take on clients who are below your standard.

It doesn’t mean they all need to have the same dreams but they should have dreams and aspirations. Why would you want to spend any personal time with people who don’t have aspirations and dreams? You wouldn’t. You would want them to go through your digital programs and build themselves up so they can create dreams and see for themselves it’s possible for them to have what they want. Then they can be in proximity or in the same space as you. Make sense?

5. They Create Systems That Work

Doing these marketing strategies is liberation. It’s freedom. You’ve got a choice. You can go, “I’m going to go for traditional models and speak on stages and network.”

There’s nothing wrong with that. To me, it’s like the icing on the cake. I still go to events and I network. I still go speak on stages but it’s not a necessity.

What is necessary is creating marketing strategies and systems which will work. It’s understanding this stuff and learning to play the game.

Why Free Consultations Work?

Why does the free consult work? It does because you’ve created a structure allowing people to funnel into your world. They come into your world and they start consuming your content.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a 10-minute long video and it sends them over a free consult. It doesn’t matter whether they buy our product first, then watch a video, and then they go to a free consult.

They come in and they’re consuming content. They’re getting familiar with you and they understand how you can help them.

Every step of the way, not only are they consuming but there is also a barrier here which prevents the wrong people from getting in on the free consult. In my webinar, I can let them put down $500 to get on the phone.

The barrier is their time and commitment to show up.

Even on the webinar, I sell them on doing it and talk them out of it if they’re not the right fit. I’ll tell them, “If you’re not ready to invest your time, your energy, and your money into your business, don’t get on the free consultation. Don’t do it.”

When people buy, the dynamics change. They’ve already invested their money, and they’re already my clients, so I encourage them to get on.

This is an added value for people who are already my clients. My thinking is that I want to spend the time with them since they invested money in us. They invested time in our community. We want to be on the phone with you because you’ve already made the commitment.

Weeding out people who haven’t made the commitment doesn’t mean they’re not qualified. They just might not have bought an online product yet.

In fact, they actually know what they want but perhaps they’re not looking for the lower-tier stuff. They know they want to go straight there.

Get in the Driver’s Seat

A good marketing strategy helps you create barriers to entry and produce wonderful, valuable content your clients can consume. You let them know how you can help them.

Now you’re in the driver’s seat. You are considering them as a possibility to become part of your community. They are also considering you but you’re the one who set the system. You’re the one who created the game. You’re the one who caused this to happen in the first place.

Now, they made a decision through their own willpower, their own self-determinism.

If you do the same thing, you set up the game and the rules. If they’re game with the rules, then they’re in. The same goes if they’re ready to be a part of the community based on how it operates and how it runs. If they’re not, they’re not.

The great thing about marketing strategies is you set up the game however you want to play it. You set up the game you think is best for everybody because you’re the coach and the mentor. If they happen to like it, they can join. If they don’t, it’s cool. It’s not a fit.

A marketing strategy also lets people know a small percentage of those we consider for this actually end up joining and are accepted into the community. It, therefore, becomes another way to source the right people.

Don’t set up marketing strategies which let just anybody get on the phone with you. Set up ones that win big for everybody, a game you want to play, something that makes you want to spend your time and resources making it happen.

Don’t forget you’re the one who’s reaching out to create this thing in the first place. Without you reaching out, nobody’s going to find you. Set these marketing strategies in a way where they work for you: they fit your lifestyle, mission, vision, and dreams.

Hopefully, when you do it that way, you bring in dream clients who are aligned with your values and you are aligned with theirs. Together, that’s what makes a great community.

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